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The island complex of Dodecanese in south-eastern Aegean is the sunniest corner in Greece. Twelve large islands and numerous smaller ones with crystal clear waters, sandy or pebbly beaches, important archaeological finds, imposing Byzantine and medieval monuments and unique traditional settlements are waiting to be discovered.

If you are desperately seeking to discover lesser-known, unspoiled destinations visit Leros or Pserimos. But there is always Rhodes and Kos, larger and more cosmopolitan islands awaiting to offer you strong, and treasured memories. Just take your pick!

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DAY 1Athens-Rhodes-5

The picturesque island of Kyhnos, is located between Kea and Serifos islands. An unspoiled and very Greek island in every aspect. Locals are very friendly and the pace of life is quite slow. the island is quiet and offers some nice secluded sandy beaches, ideal for relaxation.

Chora is the island's capital, and its is a pictur- esque village in medieval style. Here, you can visit the church of Trinity. Driopis is also a very pretty village, with typically winding streets and laid-back atmosphere. There is a small folklore museum here. In Kanala there is a small church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, with icons of healing powers. In Kythnos there are a few good beaches here that you can either walk or take the boat to.

Episkopi and Apokroussi are very nice, but you can also stay in the harbour Merichas if you want.


Saint John the Divine, chose the island of Patmos to remain in seclusion and write his "Apokalipse". Since then, Patmos is unbreak- ably connected to him and with the Ortho- dox faith is general. Mary pilgrims all over the world visit the island, to visit the impos- ing fortified Monastery of Saint John, built above the Chora village, the capital of the island.

But Patmos has more aspects than the religious one. You can find many wonderful sandy beaches, with azure waters, some organized, but most calm and quiet, away from noisy crowds. The villagers of Patmos are also quite picturesque, with a superb architecture, white washed chapels and courtyards field with flowers.

DAY 3Athens-Rhodes-9

This charming Dodecanessian island, which is very close to the coast of turkey, has only recently opened itself to tourism, as the main income for the locals used to be sponge fishing up until a few years ago. For this reason, Kalymnos has kept a lot of its tradi- tional ways and has remanded unspoiled by human activity.

It is mountainous island, with numerous picturesque little villages, some at the sea side, others amphitheatrically built on hills, offering beautiful panoramic views of the landscape and peaceful, quiet moments.

Kalymnos has a wide range of amazing beaches, either sandy and extending over kilometers or pebbled and secluded in small covers. It is also a destination for climbing lovers all over the world.

DAY 4Athens-Rhodes-10

Kos is the third in size island among the Dodecanesse and the second in tourists attraction, after Rhodes. It is a very organized place, with all the structures and amenities required for touristic development.

Due to this, you might not be amazed by this island at first sight, but once you discover its pictur- esque villages and its magnificent beaches, you will be enchanted by their beauty!

Kos Village, with its green scenery and Antima- chia, with its traditional architecture and its windmills, are only two of the places one must visit.

As for the beaches, don't miss the over three kilometers long Kardamena bay and the black sandy beach of Mastichari.

DAY 5Athens-Rhodes-12

In Astypalaia, the Cycladic color often surpasses the Dodenessian color. Most of the houses are white-washed, with blue windows and wooden balconies. Only the deep red of the geraniums, blooming all over the Chora, interrupt the harmony of some pure white
and endless blue. In Chora there is a Medieval Venetian Castle, in which some of the first homes ever built on Astypalaia still exist.

Also, a group of eight windmills leads the way to the newest part of the island, with houses built all the way down to the port. As in all of the Greek islands, the religious element is very strong, with small churches scattered around Astypalaia.

Some of the island's most known beaches are Maltezana, Livadi, Steno- a sandy beach with fresh water wells, which divides Astypalaia into the "inner" and the "outer" island- and Agios Konstantinos, a lovely cove surrounded by orchards.

DAY 6Athens-Rhodes-15

Its is amazing how many sights one can find on a small island such as Tilos.

Seven medi- eval Castles, a Byzantine Monastery, more than two hundred churches, a cane full of nature, one hundred bird species of which 46 endangered and under protection, hundreds of herbs and flowers, nineteen beaches and a village, which has been declared a cultural monument!

All of the above on an island that has merely five hundred residents! Unspoiled, romantic sensual, erotic beyond words, this enchanting little place leaves every guest with unforgettable moments and memorable experiences!

DAY 7Athens-Rhodes-17

An island of beauties, Symi is very close o Rhodes an only 9km away from Turkey. Beautiful  surroundings, nice taverns, won- derful waters, set a calm scenery ideal for relaxation. Visit the Monastery of the Arch- angel Michael, the most important sight on the island, built in the 6th century, but rebuilt with new additions in the 18th century. In the Monastery there are a logographic museum and a religious museum. In the upper part of the island, Ano Symi, there is the old castle
of the Knights and an archeological museum. Most of the beaches on Symi are rocky and steep, but the waters are wonderful. The
most popular beach is Pedi.

DAY 8-9Athens-Rhodes-19

Rhodes is the capital of the Dodecanesse islands. The old town of Rhodes is built within the walls of a well preserved Venetian Castle, which is an excellent example of Medieval architecture. Rhodes is an island full of beauties and sites.

For those seeking action and bussy streets. Faliraki is the place to go. For guests who want a more relaxing and traditional experience, there are also many picturesque villages, like Lalyssos and Afandou, with Lindos being the queen of them all.

As for beaches, the selection is wide enough to meet all tastes. Long bays, orga- nized, offering the best touristic facilities, or smaller beaches, virgin, almost not touched by the human activity. The waters in Rhodes are clear as a mirror and are listed among the cleanest in all Greece.

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