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Explore the Sporades islands, in the northwest Aegean! Dense vegetation; rocky landscapes, and pure blue seas: a uniquely alternative destination.

Go island-hopping in a paradise island complex!

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DAY 1Sporades-5

Kea is a small island in the Cyclades that got known to the modern world when Titanc's sister ship Britannica sunk here in 1916. The wreck is still here, and there is constant activity around it.

The island in itself is a charming little paradise and it is still a very genuine place to visit. There are a few taverns and cafes, and the place is slow. the most famous sight on the island is the Lion of Kea. It is a big, archaic sculpture of the mythical lion. The monastery of Panagia Kastriani, which dates back to the 18th century, is also worth a visit.

There are many sandy beaches on Kea, like Otzias, Koundouros and Korissia. At Koundouros you'll find most of the water sports. Don't forget to try out some of the delicious local specialities, such as the local sausages, pork dish "Paspala", cheese and wine, as well as some of the sweets made with local honey.

DAY 2Sporades-6

According to the legend, Skyros is connected to the ancient myth of the Greek hero, Achil- les and the Trojan war. The old town of Skyros is full of amazing traditional Skyrian houses, as well as intriguing ruins that date back to the Stone Age.

Pay a visit to the impressive ruins of King Lycomedes' Castle, who was the one to bring up Achilles. The island's trade mark is a special kind of pony horse, raised only in Skyros, known as "the Skyrian Pony" .

This small Sporadic island is also famous for its trekking paths though pine tree forests and for its secluded beaches, rocky or sandy, such as Acherounes, Achilli and Agios Fokas.

DAY 3Sporades-9

This island has a history of over 100.000 years, as it was the first Aegean location where remnants and signs of a human civiliza- tion were ever found! Today, the island is mostly known for its wine and for the National Marine Park, one of the largest parks in the Mediterranean, aiming to the protec- tion of the Monachus – Monachus seal.

Swimming in Alonissos can be an impeccable experience, as it has some of the most amaz- ing sandy beaches and crystalline blues waters in the world. Visit the Old Village, the capital of the island, to savor fantastic pan- oramic views and one  of the best sunsets all around Greece.

DAY 4Sporades-10

Another green island in the Sporades coplex, also known for its long sandy beaches, its coves and its crystal clear blue waters. The best known beaches are Panormos and Milia, whilst the island;s coves are accessible only by boat. The capital of Skopelos and the village Glossa are the most popular places on the island.

The capital is built amphitheat- rically right in the heart of a bay and is full of white little houses with tiled roofs and of narrow alleys to stroll in. Glossa is a pictur- esque village, 25 km away from the Skopelos town, built on the side of the hill 250 m above the sea and surrounded by pine forests, almond trees and plane trees

DAY 5Sporades-12

This island is the greenest among the Spo- rades complex, mostly full of pine tree forests and it is a "protected environment" territory. The only village is Skiathos is the town of Skiathos, which is the island's capi- tal.

There, besides the tousrist facilities, you will find many bars, cafes and tavernas. The rest of this beautiful island is covered with long sandy beaches and large hotels an well organizes touristic complexes.

The most famous and longest beach is Koukounaries, with extremely fine white sand and fragrant pine trees. Other known beaches are Agia Eleni, Achlakies and Banana.

These are orga- nized beaches and Banana also offers a variety of water sports.

DAY 6Sporades-15

In all of the Cycladic islands, white and blue are the dominant colors, while vegetation is scarce. In Andros, however, many species of flowers add a colorful ouch to its very pictur- esque fortifies capital.

The Venetian and Cycladic architecture, the arcades and the paved alleys make the island of Andros a real gem. There are numerous sandy beaches all over Andros, some of which organized with sun beds, umbrellas and touristic facilities and others are some secluded, offering unspoiled and wild beauty.

The most known beaches are Ornos and Batsi. The village of Batsi is one of the islands main attractions, because of the near by waterfalls of Remara. Don't forget to visit the Goulandris Museum of contemporary art, which hosts exhibitions
with paintings of local and foreign artists.

DAY 7Sporades-16

The picturesque island of Kythnos, is located betwwn Kea and Serifos islands. An unspoiled and very Geek island in every aspect. Locals are very friendly and the pace of life is quite slow. the island is quiet and offers some nice and secludes sandy beaches, ideal for relax- ation. Chora is the island's capital, and its is a picturesque village in medieval style. Here, you can visit the church of Trinity.

Driopis is also a very pretty village, with typically winding streets and laid-back atmosphere. There is a small folklore museum here. In Kanada there is a small church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, with icons of healing powers. In Kythnos there are a few good beaches here that you can either walk or take the boat to. Episkopi and Apokroussi are very nice, but you can also stay in the harbor Merichas if you want.

DAY 8Sporades-18

Since ancient times, Piraeus has been a port of great commercial and historical impor- tance. When Themistocles saw its potentials and built the Great Walls around the port, the city became more powerful then ever. In medieval times, Piraeus was known as Porto Leone, a name due to the enormous stone lion, which guarded the port's entrance. The life in Piraeus was always bonded with the sea.

Today, besides the main port, visitors can enjoy walking along the two smaller harbors of Marina Zea and Mikrolimano, which are full of small restaurants and pictur- esque cafes. A stroll among the beautiful old houses of Kastella is also worth taking.

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